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  1. Hi Kay,

    I am really sorry that I have only just picked up your message regarding the 24 hour race. Entries closed a while ago and I have 12 names on the waiting list so,, I am afraid I cannot accept your entry this time.
    However, there is one place left in the 12 hour race but plenty in the 6 hours. The race takes place on a 400m track so you will pass the changing rooms/toilet every lap! It would be good to see you there. Also, when you are not running you might feel like ‘crewing’ for Izzy! I look forward to hearing from you. my e mail address is

  2. Dear Pam,
    Harmander here,
    I was hoping to fit in another marathon before the London where I am one of the pacers and the track event is just perfect but I note the race is full with two names on the waiting list. I realise one cannot predict anything but historically speaking, what are the chances of an entry as the third name on the waiting list?
    Looking forward to seeing you at the AGM marathon on 24th February on our Sikhs In The City flat as a pancake route – not

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