How do I enter the race?

Enter via Entrycentral.com

Can I bring my car to the trackside?

For the 24 hour runners you can deliver your gear to the track but you must park in the main car park after.
All other runners and helpers must park in the car park. Entrance to the track is on the right hand side facing the Leisure Centre,
You can also enter on foot through the Leisure Centre.

Is there a bus service to K2?

Yes, the number 2 bus from Crawley bus station will bring you to to K2. Runs every 10 minutes and takes 15 minutes.

What facilities will be provided?

There will be a feed station with Isotonic drink, water and snacks. Hot drinks will be available on request.
For the 24 hour competitors there will be pasta at around 6.00pm and vegetable soup throughout the night.
All food will be vegetarian. There will be  snacks at the presentation ceremony for the 24 hour race.
Tables and chairs may be available but it would help if brought your own.
There will be portable toilets for the runners close to the track and there is also one in the main building that will be for men and women. There are also toilets in the men’s and women’s changing rooms. Hot showers will be available.
There will be trained medical staff/first aiders and also sports masseurs.

There will be a large tent for you to leave your kit bags.

Will we be changing direction?

Yes, we will turn everyone around every 4 hours.

How will I know how far I have gone?

You will be provided with a ‘chip’ which will record your laps and distance. Every hour your distance will be shown on the leader board at the side of the track.

Can I run with someone?

Pacing is not allowed but of course you will be allowed to run along side other competitors.

Are dogs allowed at the event?

Sorry no – dogs are not allowed.

What about the wearing of numbers?

You will be given 2 numbers, one to be worn on the front and one on the back. You are not permitted to fold your numbers or attach them on your thigh.

Where and when can I register?

Registration will start 2 hours before race start i.e. 10.00 am for 6 & 24 hour runners and 7.00 pm for 12 hour runners.

Will there be a race briefing?

Yes – 30 minutes before the start time on the side of the track.

What happens if I am in the middle of a lap when the hooter goes?

For the 6 and 12 hour runners, a few minutes before the end you will be handed a ‘bean bag’ showing your race number. When the hooter sounds, stop and drop the bean bag just inside the track on the infield (to avoid people tripping on it). Your distance will then be measured by the Race Referee.
For the 24 hour runners, again you will be handed a bean bag but you can drop this on the track where you stop.

Do I need a head torch?

The track will be floodlit during the hours of darkness but if you have one it would be wise to bring it in case of emergencies.

Are there mementos for taking part?

Yes, every competitor will receive a medal.

What do the winners get?

There will be prizes for the first 3 men and first 3 ladies in each race.

When is the presentation ceremony?

As soon as possible after the finish once the accurate results are available. Weather permitting this will be done trackside.
For the 24 hour race, if wet, there will be a meeting room inside available for the presentation ceremony.

Is the race recognised by the Athletics authorities?

Yes, the race is licenced by U.K. Athletics and has a Bronze label from the International Association of Ultrarunners.

If I have a complaint who do I take it to?

The Race Referee or, in his/her absence, the Race Director.