Monthly Archives: January 2021

Latest update

Just to keep you informed about this years race.
Obviously everything is subject to the Covid-19 situation but I have got to proceed assuming the race will go ahead.
UK Athletics require agreement from Crawley Borough Council and K2 that we may put the event on before they will issue the track licence.
I am working on that at the moment, not easy as K2 is of course closed.
The worst scenario is that if we cannot have the race on the 17th/18th of April I will have to make a decision. Do I postpone the race for another 12 months or hold it during the summer of 2021.
I am looking at alternative dates in either June, July or August making sure, of course that I do not clash with the three canal races..

Covid-19 update

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic huge uncertainties have materialised.

As you are all doubt aware many races are still being cancelled or postponed but at this present time it is hoped that our race will be allowed to go ahead.

I have applied to U.K. Athletics for a race licence but it seems I need to get approval from the local authority before this can be issued.

I am at present in the process of doing this and hope that all will be well.

However, based on the recommendations of UKA the Gloucester 24 hour races did go ahead at the end of October with many adjustments to the normal format and reduced numbers. e,g,. no communal aid station, extra toilets and only one crew member allowed per runner. Also, no spectators were allowed. As far as I know there were no issues regarding this event.

Obviously it is impossible to state that our race will go ahead at this moment in time but, rest assured, you will be informed as soon as possible if there are any changes.

In the meantime I suggest you continue to train as usual but take extra care to remain safe and well.

Happy New Year.