Crawley AIM 24/12/6 Hour Races 2018 – MacDonald and Sawyer Win Amongst World Class Performances

Dave Moore, Sarah Sawyer, Sandra Brown, Helen James
Dave Moore, Sarah Sawyer, Sandra Brown, Helen James – Photo courtesy Ultrarunning World

Brief notes from the Crawley AIM 24/12/6 Hour Races 2018.

Grant MacDonald won the 24 hour race at the K2 stadium yesterday, 8th April setting a new course record for the event with 233.73 km.

Sarah Sawyer won the womens race, second overall, also setting a new women’s course record of 205.683 km .

Norbert Mihalik won the 12 hour with 142 km and Karen Wallace won the women’s event with 110 km.

Dan Lawson’s winning distance of 81.211 is the fifth best performance at 6 hours in the  world so far this year. Tracy Dean won the women’s event, third overall, with 70.840 km – third best performance in the world this year.

Congratulations to all who took part in this years event and many thanks to the volunteers, sponsors and support teams who made this event possible.

Top positions

Pos Name Km
Men 24 hour
1 Grant MacDonald 233.73
2 Dave Moore 193.626
3 Paul Beechey 146
1 Sarah Sawyer 205.683
2 Helen James 188.381
3 Dawn Gardner 177.2
Men 12 hour
1 Norbert Mihalik 142.606
2 Mark Bissel 133.753
3 Wayne Sara 119.966
1 Karen Wallace 110.95
2 Anne Jennings 109.787
3 Brigitte Groves 73.067
Men 6 hour
1 Dan Lawson 81.211
2 Paul Ali 72.839
3 Richard Quennell 69.735
Women 6 hour
1 Tracy Dean 70.840
2 Emily Foy 58.809
3 Ria Trundley 32.800

Download the full Crawley AIM 24/12/6 Hour results
Sarah Sawyers race report – Crawley 24 Hours – Things I Learnt from Running Around a Track for 24 Hours

Erdinger Sponsor The Race

ErdingerThanks to our latest sponsor ERDINGER.
Anyone who has competed in Germany will know that the races over there frequently use this refreshing drink.

Erdinger Alkoholfrei is a uniquely refreshing low-alcohol isotonic recovery drink.

Notably, this non alcoholic Bavarian brew provides the body with essential vitamins, such as folic acid and vitamin B12, which help reduce fatigue and support the immune system. (0.4% ABV).

It will be available for the 24 hour runners at our race. If successful  I will ensure a bigger supply for 2019!

24 Hour Race

Sadly Elspeth Jenkins has withdrawn from the race but has been replaced by Mike Julien who was first on the waiting list.

There are now 12 names on the waiting list so I have decided to not accept any more applications.

I am pleased to announce that Henry Smith, the local M.P. for Crawley has agreed to present the prizes for the 24 hour race.

24 hours is full.

Don’t leave it too late to enter this famous race.

There is now a waiting list for the 24 hours, you can enter online but do not need to pay unless a place becomes available.

Plenty of places left for the 6 and 12 hour races. The 6 hours starts at midday with the 24 hour folk but the 12 hours is a night run starting at 8.00 pm. Great preparation for GUCR or any of the 100 mile events where you have a night session.

For anyone that is counting ‘Marathons’ for the purposes of the 100 Marathon Club, I ask that you run 27 miles (this is an ultra distance event after all) and the Club will accept this as an ultra result.

i look forward to receiving many more entries for the 6 and 12 hour races to enable us to raise a lot of money for our orphans and needy children in Uganda.